Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture focuses on developing networks that are local and sustainable. Community members commit to a local farm for an entire season and in return they receive vegetables and fruits every week of the growing season - they buy a share of the harvest!

Promoting a mutually beneficial relationship between the grower and the member allows small scale farms to have guaranteed markets to build their farm for the future -investing in farms for the community when we need to stick together the most.

Not only does the member receive ultra fresh, local, and traceable produce, it is an opportunity for the community to get acquainted, learn about local food and connect with how the season progresses each week.

So let's focus on getting to know the folks, the soil and the food that surrounds.

Create more and more direct relationships. It makes so much sense! The food doesn't have to go very far, we are building the bonds of the community, and making use of the land beneath our feet.


Digging a Little Deeper

All of this is more than receiving a box of local veggies each week. It represents a movement towards connection within our communities - building strong food networks and companionship in the spaces of land that we call home.
It is about reframing sustainability to ask ourselves "What grows here? How does it grow? What can each season give us in the West Kootenays of BC?"
It might be taking a step back to align ourselves with the seasons - putting emphasis on the locality of food and living within the current season.
You've heard it before - there is nothing like a fresh garden summer tomato! And it's true! Nothing more refreshing and juicier than a July harvested cucumber from down the road. These fruits are special, they are a gift that the Canadian summer can give to us, so why not keep it that way. Go for those hearty, warming root veggies and winter greens in the colder months. Hey, maybe even tomato preserves to put on your sandwich!
Of course it doesn't line up all the time but adding a layer of awareness to this society where everything is available at our fingers tips - it can go a long way!
Developing a mindset of sticking together and cultivating contentedness within our land and seasons, I think, is the way of the future.