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Mission Sourdough


I've never been satisfied with the idea of using white flour for my bread no matter how organic it is. Although it has proven hard to get a crumb that is light enough without it, it seems as though we're missing the point - stripping the wheat kernel of all that it is. It has always seemed a bit backwards to me.

Treasure Life Flour Mills in Creston, BC makes an organic light flour that keeps all the nutrients and minerals intact! They use heirloom grain varieties and a stone milling method to merely sift out some of the bran (keeping all the germ) to make a beautiful, light, and wholesome flour.

Using this flour, a traditional sourdough fermentation, and an oven that uses renewable resources - I cannot think of a way to put more love into a loaf of bread.

It's what I've always dreamed.

Our Bread Story: How It Works

The Oven


I'd always dream about the perfect sourdough loaf that came out of a woodfired kiln. I didn't even know what that meant entirely but I was about to find out. Jacob van der Holt, (my fiancé) is the talented builder of this oven. Right from the ground up - hand built, self taught - really an incredible feat! And now it sits over looking the Kootenay River turning little fermenting doughs into a delicious loaf of bread. Dreams really do come true!

And then there is the process of learning how to use it! Temperature, heat distribution, humidity, timing. Endless variables. So many trials and errors. So many failed and "not good enough" loaves but alas I finally figured out a system that works! 

I am very excited to share this with all you bread lovers out there! 

Our Bread Story: How It Works
Our Bread Story: Pro Gallery

Bread Orders



Classic Sourdough


Traditional sourdough goodness!


Seeded Multigrain Sourdough


The same delicious loaf with the addition of seeds and grains such as pumpkin, flax, chia, buckwheat, oats, teff and quinoa.


Gluten Free Loaf


This gluten-free bread is made with 100% organic ingredients. Much of the loaf is made up of an assortment of whole grain flours that are higher in nutrients and fiber such as brown rice, teff, and buckwheat.
It contains flaxseeds, and some tapioca flour as well.

Our Bread Story: Products
Our Bread Story: How It Works
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