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What are we up to?

Seeds & Practices

At Kootenay Corner Gardens we closely follow the Market Garden method - a no-till approach using standardized 30" beds. We build up the soil every year with organic fertility, amendments and crop rotation. This preserves and nourishes a vibrant and diverse soil web. 


So why is no-till so essential?

Tilling soil causes erosion which leads to increased run off of nutrients and releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This disturbs bio-diversity - insects, micro-organisms and essential bacterial life that is so vital to the longevity of our ecosystem. 


Bio-diversity! One of my favorite words! It's regenerative farming. It's harmony with nature. Agricultural practice that focuses on restoring soil and promoting bio-diversity from animals, to insects, plants, earthworms and the smallest micro-organisms. We have chickens and bees and one day would like to introduce some grazing animals onto our pasture. Everybody works together to create a symbiotic relationship, keeping the land in balance. Where your food comes from and how it is grown is so important.

We source our seeds from High Mowing Seeds. Our practices are natural and simple from weeding to fertilizing, pest control and harvesting. Intervening in a gentle way that keeps the cycle of life in flow.   

The only machine we have on the farm is the walk behind BCS tractor. Such a brilliant design - specially made for the Market Garden no-till approach. It simply digs the rows, and gently mixes the soil and organic amendments, not disturbing the delicate soil web that is so precious. We'll leave the rototilling to the pros and let the earthworms turn the soil.

We are filled with much gratitude to be a small part of the vital biodiversity that is needed - to be able to use this land to nourish and help bring back a balance. Big and small, regenerative farming is what's going to save the planet. 

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