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Thalia and Josh - the farmers behind Kootenay Corner Gardens, in their past lives were both professional Chefs.

Before farming, they spent over a decade working as Chefs in various parts of the Canada and overseas.

Their passion and craft brought them all the way back to the seed. It was the tireless search for wholesome food in world where agriculture and trade are so broken that led them to the soil where change and regeneration can begin.

And it starts one farm at a time.

It's this that empowers communities to decentralize their systems,

making the food that heals our bodies and the planet increasingly accessible and affordable.


Josh and Thalia are very excited to close the loop and share the food that they grow in an expression of art and flavor - showcasing the seasons in the Kootenays. Sourcing not only from their farm but also from the abundance of food growers we have in our area.

***Catering availability is dependent on time of year, availability of chefs & logistics of events.

We would love to say yes to all requests but after all - the Chefs are the farmers too! 

Being part of a
better food service system


The Soil

Growing and cooking with food that works towards regenerating our soils is our highest priority. The way we treat our soil matters greatly. There are fewer cost-effective ways to sequester carbon that will work across terrains and cultures as well as soil. When we use a model based on the principles of ecology, we work with nature, not against it. Both animals and plants - when properly managed have a great opportunity to build healthy soils!

Grass-fed & Pasture Raised

Animals play such a vital role in our ecosystems. When managed holistically in a way that mimics the cycles of nature we can integrate (not segregate or confine) them into our farming systems. When we succeed to do this - they contribute greatly to regenerative agriculture. They benefit soil health, encourage bio-diversity, provide nutrient dense food, create fertility, balance pests and sequester carbon!

Healthy Fats

We do not use any seed oils in our cooking. We prioritize fats that we have been nourishing us for thousands of years such as animal fats, butter, ghee and olive oil. 

Local Food

Whatever the season our mission is to give you the experience of what grows here - in the Kootenays. The majority of the food on your plate will have been grown in or raised on the soils of the land we call home. 


Pollinators are so key to the very life of our ecosystems and food production systems. As keepers of the honey bee our priority is to create a diverse environment on our farm in which they can thrive along side the native pollinators in our region. We grow and source food from places that strive to provide a healthy habitat for our pollinator friends. 

Meaningful Trade

What we don't source from our garden, we source from the local community - strengthening those networks between all of us food supplies in the area to work together to create resiliency. But for those few staple products that we just can't grow in Canada - we need to turn to global trade. Global trade is something that should be treated sparingly and with great thoughtfulness . Facilitating global trade in a way that is meaningful and beneficial to the farmer, community and the environment in which it came. There are certain products that are exceedingly difficult to source ethically, so we simply do without. We take the utmost care in choosing which companies to support that are doing a reputable job in regeneration of our planet and trade systems. 


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